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Only receive shirts in a fit, fabric and style you want.

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Frequent Questions:

  • How do you sell luxury shirts for $83?

    We only send shirts in a fit, fabric and style our clients want. As a result, we've had zero returns. We verify your fit up front, isolating alterations to the first shirt, which we handle ourselves. Removing friction saves everyone time and money.

  • How is it custom without having to measure?

    We use your off-the-rack sizes and picture to create a custom shirt, which we send to you for free to verify your fit. Every shirt is hand made to your exact measurements. Fit is personal, alterations exist even when measuring in person, so we streamlined the process.

  • I already have a well-fitting shirt / measurements.

    Even better, we'll send you a free return label to mail us the shirt. We will measure it and return it with your verify fit shirt. We can also use your existing measurements. You get to keep your free verify fit shirt.

  • What are my style and shirting options?

    We have four main shirt styles from formal to casual. You can mix and match options from each to create your own style templates. Every shirt includes complimentary monogramming if requested. We offer Sea Island and non-iron fabrics, we include a swatch cutting of each in your verify fit shirt box. You can control the fabric of your shirts.

  • Can I skip a shirt box if I have plenty?

    Yes, you can skip a shirt box at any time after your first cycle. There is no minimum quantity. We send curated styles by email every other month, but you can skip, confirm or swap these styles. You can also request new styles at any time.

  • What if I cancel before my first cycle?

    You can try ShirtCycle risk free and cancel before we start on your 3 custom shirts at no cost. We will send you a prepaid label to return the verify fit shirt and refund your $50 charge upon receipt.

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