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Built To Last

Superior craftsmanship and time honored techniques increase your pants longevity. Our pants are made by hand with the highest quality silk threading.

  • Latex grippers to keep your shirt tucked in
  • Crotch guard to reinforce pants
  • Corozo buttons
  • Heal guards strengthen hems to prevent fraying
  • Lining to the knee for a smooth look
  • Hidden pocket

Custom Fit

Our tailors create an individual paper pattern based on each client's exact measurements. Others claim they have better fitting pants, we guarantee it.

We can use well-fitting pants you already have or a few additional measurements to complete your measurement profile.

The Best Wools

We use the finest Italian wools in all our pants. Our white label pants include super 110s and our Black Label includes super 180s from Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Our custom, luxury white label pants are $175 and our Black Label is $295. As always, we'll alter the first pair until the fit is perfect. Going forward, you can add one to three pairs to each shirt box.

How To Get It

We include wool fabric swatches and instructions on getting your measurements, which can be as easy as sending us your best-fitting pants, in your 2nd 3-shirt box.

Signing up is as seamless as you'd expect and we'll curate a pair of pants into your next shirt box, which you can confirm, remove or swap for other wool fabrics and styles.

Welcome to better fitting pants.