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The Shirt

Can I add a personal monogram?

Yes. Every shirt includes complementary monogramming. We add two or three initials to the left cuff in a color that best matches the shirt fabric. You can also skip the monogram or only add it to formal styles.

Do you offer non-iron fabrics?

Yes. We offer both non-iron and Sea Island cotton fabrics. You can select one type of fabric or mix both into your shirts shipments. Our Black Label fabrics are Egyptian, two-ply cotton.

Can I customize each style option on my shirts?

Yes. We select the collar, cuff and shirt styles that best complement your look, body type and the selected fabric. You can swap the style of every shirt and even create your own style templates.

What is the quality of the shirt?

Our cottons are of a very fine quality for a soft feel. The fabrics are from the best European mills in the world. Learn about our durable shirt construction here.

Can I get my shirts cut to be worn tucked out?

Yes. You can swap any shirt to be worn tucked in or tucked out. Tucked out shirts are 1" shorter in length and tapered 1/2" on each side.

The Process

How much does this cost?

You receive three custom shirts for $250 total, which is $83 per shirt. You receive a free shirt to verify your fit ahead of the first shipment so that shipment technically includes four custom shirts.

Can I skip a shipment of shirts if I have plenty?

Yes. You can skip or request a new shipment at any time after your first shirt shipment. You are never locked into purchasing shirts you don't need.

How do I adjust the fit of my free custom shirt?

We personally handle any alterations to your free custom shirt that may be needed. We provide free shipping both ways from our New York office and will alter the shirt for free until it meets your desired standard of fit.

What if I cancel before my first shipment?

You can try ShirtCycle risk free and cancel before we start on your 3 custom shirts at no cost. We will send you a prepaid label to return the verify fit shirt and refund your $50 charge upon receipt.

What if I do not like the styles you send me?

Not a problem. You can swap any or all of the three shirt fabrics and styles we send you until all match your taste. We send you the curated styles online for your review so no surprises arrive at your door.

I will be traveling, do I need to pause my subscription?

Yes you can. You can contact us and we would be glad to suspend your subscription while you are traveling.

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card after you confirm the styles you want and we begin construction of your custom shirts. This takes place after we verify your fit with a free custom shirt.

What if I want to change the styles I confirmed?

We start construction on your custom shirts right away and cannot guarantee that we can make the change in time. Email us if it’s within 6 hours of confirming your styles as we’ll try to honor your request on a best efforts basis.


I received ShirtCycle as a gift, how do I get more shirts?

Log in to your account and add a credit card on the billing tab. We will be automatically notified and start curating your shirt styles soon after.

Can I use measurements from an existing shirt that fits well?

Yes. Select to receive a prepaid shipping label during sign up. We will base your verify fit measurements on the shirt you send. We will send you back the shirt with your free custom shirt used to verify your fit.

I won a promotion, what’s next?

You will receive a message with a special link and invite code to use in order to redeem your free custom shirt, which allows you to sign up as a client but skip billing. The shirt does not include alterations. Promotions are valid in US only.


Do you ship international?

ShirtCycle is only available within the US and Canada at this time. We are evaluating expansion to other international countries in 2015. Subscribe below to be notified when our service is available in your country, move it up the priority list and receive an exclusive discount for your patience.

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO?

Yes. We ship to our serviceman and diplomats overseas. The process and pricing is the same.