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Donate Confidence

Share the confidence of wearing well-styled shirts with someone less fortunate. Donate your old shirts to Career Gear and help others interview in style.

We make it easy to donate your old shirts by sending you a free prepaid label with your 3-shirt box. Just repack the box with your old shirts and slap on the label.

You can request a prepaid label by selecting the swap option on your curated styles email. Then check the box before confirming your fabrics and styles.

Career Gear

Your tax-deductible donation will provide interview clothing for their Job Readiness Program, which has helped over 50,000 men make that critical first impression.

How They Help

Career Gear promotes the economic independence of low-income men by providing financial literacy training, a network of support, professional attire, career development tools, job-readiness and essential life-skills training that help men enter the workforce, stay employed and become role models and mentors to their families an communities.

Career Gear offers vital services to men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, including recipients of public assistance, the disabled, recovering addicts, veterans, former foster-care children, recent immigrants, the previously incarcerated, and those who face other formidable barriers to job acquisition and retention.

In short, they help men in need change their lives.

Learn how to get involved.