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The Confidante: Miami up north

Sometimes you Airbnb a getaway house in the Florida Keys, sometimes that Airbnb cancels your reservation while you’re in the airport getting ready to fly down.

No worries, Miami detour. Oh wait, I’m rolling with Teddie, my morkie… so let’s go ahead and filter away all my top options. It’s pet-friendly time. Teddie saying “take me with you!”, #dogcustom, #nextfrontier.

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Luckily, I remembered Talde, a cool restuarant a Top Chef guy from Brooklyn opened. Spoke with people staying at the hotel above it with their dogs. And boom, the Confidante to the rescue.

10 years ago, Miami was Miami Beach. Going to Super Bowl XLIV last second to watch my Colts lose, I remember staying just north of 20th street and thinking I was in Fort Lauderdale. Fast forward to today, staying 40th street is great. Miami Beach in reach, but at arms length. Call it the suburbanization of Miami.

The Confidante treated Teddie like a star and de-stressed the whole dog in hotel, when am I getting that disturbance call, routine. Speaking of, the morning gym classes on the roof or beach after a boardwalk puppy stroll are a great routine to get into. The scene is solid, pools divided. A favorite spot, the Freehand Hostel, is just a few blocks away.

In short, Miami has changed, from Wynwood to Brickell to up north ie the 30′s and 40′s of Miami Beach, there’s more to see and experience than what now looks like more than ever, the tourist trap of Ocean Drive.

I even dusted the rust off my Foosball game, nothing close to my ’09 Deutsche bullpen form but toasted some teenagers nonetheless.