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On Fyre: When hype flames out

I’ll be honest, Instagram has been a challenge for us at ShirtCycle. We’re builders, not posters. So I was curious to see what happened when posters built a music festival in the Bahamas.

I mean Coachella was launched in 1999. These aren’t pop-up shops.

As documented, a dumpster fire is the answer. So when media guys we respect send their blast email to win VIP tickets with the editorial line “There’s a brand new party — called Fyre Festival — giving Coachella a run for its money. ” We were suspicious.

As a former banker and PE guy, I found this pitch deck absurd (take a look). And that fact co-founder Ja Rule put “NOT MY FAULT” in all caps hilarious, mostly because I was not stranded there.

The fact that the bow wow challenge piggybacks this story just affirms people lie on social media. It’s fine to dupe someone over pictures, my banker friend who runs a “Scotch & Yachts” instagram does not own a yacht, but he’s also not building yachts for people that are not seaworthy.

Our tack at ShirtCycle is to grow through referrals and by partnering with pre-professional clubs on college campuses so our AI style curation helps because workplace style matters and most of us don’t have a lot of time or style sense when starting our careers.

Hopefully this leads us all to find both the style and substance behind the brands and services we use and share with our friends.

And if only Frank from Always Sunny had been behind this…