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Oceans vs lakes: A summer battle we all win

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I am from Indiana, which means pools, and if you’re lucky, lakes. After moving to NYC and spending time with Long Islanders, I become jealous of their ocean. Surfing before school, then lacrosse after school, c’mon.

I was the guy in the Hamptons share that bailed for Montauk in 2011 because no one in the Hamptons wanted to go to the beach. To me, sitting at a pool while an ocean was so close was heresy.

I also spent my summers upstate on Lake George in the Adirondacks. Which during August and September, is pool temperature and perfectly peaceful. Teddie and I rolling.

For me, oceans and lakes were both a big step up from pools, but what surprised me was how some ocean people have little interest in lakes and vice versa. Clearly worthy of click bait, BuzzFeed and all else. Why lakes. Best comparison found at Bro Bible. [spoiler, it's 4-3 lakes] Now let’s take a step back. More articles say lakes are better than oceans. But is that because oceans don’t need to bother making a case. We all know guilty people offer up defenses first. Luckily for you, I’ve read the click bait so you don’t have to. In short, if you’re young and/or single > ocean. It’s easier to new people. If you’re older and/or not single > lake. It’s easier to kick annoying people off private property.

Regardless, it’s a fun question to ask friends or dates as most people have a passionate view on the subject. What isn’t debatable is how bad I am at surfing.