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Montauk: Trusted escape route

If a hurricane comes, do not go to Montauk.

If you live in NYC, definitely go to Montauk.

And not just in the summer. Montauk today isn’t Montauk 2010′s, it’s been Hamptonized to an extent. But it’s still the end of the line, it still has a small town, Bohemian surfer vibe. Especially off season.

Gurney’s seawater spa is the perfect Valentine’s day getaway and is easiest overlooked if there for summer weddings on the beach.

And let’s not forget the drive. Driving in summer is like midtown in the afternoon, brutal. Driving off season is relaxing and almost reminds you that driving, especially behind the wheel of a great car, if fun. Bumper to bumper traffic is any car sucks, don’t kid yourself.

And once you’re there. Do things you’d never do in the summer, like hike to military base that inspired Netflix’s Stranger Things (“Montauk” was the original working title). Harvest on Fort Pond is a can’t miss dinner. And the dive bars like Liar’s Saloon make for a fun night.