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Germany: The romantic road

History is never linear. Many of us still view Germany through the lens of WWII, search Germany in Netflix for proof.

Germany is still a fluid and relatively new concept, like America, and it’s regions are as distinctly different too. Think Texas and New York. And in this case, Bavaria and Prussia. Berlin gets most the travel press of late, and while the clubs are fun and in so many words, offer more range than NYC, it’s Bavaria that we loved.

Given the area is dubbed the romantic road, we weren’t the first to feel this way and truly recommend it as an idealic couples destination. While Oktoberfest was fun, the surrounding areas outside Munich and Nuremberg, and their beautiful vistas left the strongest impression.

Think “The Sound of Music” meets those beautiful Swiss towns of cobblestone, sprinkled with some amazing castles. Early fall is best, after the Europeans vacation in August and before it gets too cold. If you want to visit Cold War Russia, go to Berlin, if you want to visit Medieval Europe, check out the romantic road. Medieval Europe with surfing that is.

And for the foodies, “farm to table” is the norm. The meats and cheeses combined with fresh beer without preservatives means you’ll eat and drink like a king without a royal hangover.

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